Synchronized Requirements Planner

Synchronized Requirements Planner (SRP) supports a multi-level BOM (Bill of Materials) structure.  The SRP makes it possible to automatically generate orders for semi-finished products and create dynamic correlations between them. In practice, this means the system monitors the execution of individual production tasks (semi-finished products) and automatically adjusts production plans in case of delays.  

SRP generates orders for all BOM levels. At the same time, it takes into account the availability of machines, operations, and materials when the capacity is limited. It plays a supporting role to Production Scheduler and Manufacturing Planner. It is a convenient tool which allows the development of multiple detailed production schedules within a single Advanced Planning and Scheduling system.


Key advantages of implementing Synchronized Requirements Planner

  • Users define MRP strategy down to a single product level
  • Rapid optimization of inventory and stock levels for semi-finished products
  • Easy configuration of overproduction alerts
  • Simultaneous delivery of semi-finished products from a single order for several finished products (Material Overlap Links)
  • Optimization of production orders synchronized with current and anticipated inventory levels
  • Visualization of the order flow
  • Effective support of the decision-making processes