Case studies

You will find knowledge here regarding business issues in production, implementation, and maintenance of APS systems. Materials on how to utilize APS in your daily work to plan production faster and more effectively based on current situations and up-to-date data will regularly appear here.

How DELMIA Ortems APS software facilitates digital transformation in production planning and scheduling—white paper

While manufacturers started to use first planning and scheduling solutions over 50 years ago, the ever-evolving technology enables modern production companies to organize and control their manufacturing operations in a way that seemed impossible just some years back. Today, digital transformation is hardly considered a nice-to-have upgrade to a business model and is generally…

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How the production planning software Delmia Ortems APS improved contract packaging production—Elidose case study

After using the APS system Delmia Ortems for five years, Elidose’s Supply Chain Director Jérémie Crémière and Planner Cécile Boyer from the French site in Bourgogne agreed to answer some important questions and shed some light on how the solution makes their jobs simpler. Find out what are their biggest challenges and what uncertainties they have to cope with while trying to make important planning changes, learn why the notion of machine adjustment is very important when completing highly personalized orders, and read how the APS software DELMIA Ortems…

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Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Waste in ARMOR’s Thermal Transfer Ribbon Production with DELMIA

ARMOR, the world leader in thermal transfer ribbons, faced challenges in optimizing operational performance and controlling production flows in their Nantes plant. By implementing DELMIA Production Planning & Scheduling solution, the company experienced reduced human intervention, faster planning, sustained high customer service levels, efficiency gains, reduced product waste, and improved responsiveness.

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MONNAIE DE PARIS Leverages DELMIA Ortems for Enhanced Responsiveness and International Growth

Facing the challenges of dematerialization, contactless purchases, and the decreased usage of physical currency, the MONNAIE DE PARIS sought to strengthen its international presence to improve responsiveness in international tenders. To achieve this, the company chose DELMIA Ortems to streamline all its industrial processes, enhance production monitoring, and integrate procurement information into its ERP.

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