Manufacturing Planner

Manufacturing Planner (MP)ensures simplified production planning. It’s a program that collects and processes information on order loads, process efficiencies, and lead times. The Manufacturing Planner considers many variables and indicates the correlations between them. It will help you immediately identify bottlenecks and optimize manufacturing processes.

With MP, you will quickly modify the production plan and respond more flexibly to capacity problems and fluctuating demand (concerning internal and subcontracted resources). The load balancing tool detects overruns of available capacity in real time and recommends improvement actions.

The MP module allows, among other things, to plan production for workstations using the graphical method. Transparent visualization of tasks on the timeline, broken down into specific machines and processes, improves the accuracy of decisions and the quality of production management.


Support in creating a master production schedule

The MP module allows you to construct a precise Master Production Schedule (MPS). This will help you secure the materials you need for production and estimate the plant’s ability to accept future orders. The MPS is based on demand forecasts  for specific products. The data is then supplemented and automatically adjusted when new orders appear in the system.

Manufacturing Planner offers advanced and interactive preparation and planning tools. It allows you to create what-if simulations and quickly predict the effects of changes in the production plan. You’ll be able to analyze multiple variations of process developments and choose the optimal course of action.


Key advantages of implementing manufacturing planner

  • Medium and long-term production planning (weeks, months)
  • Rapid production planning for each product
  • Production capacity analysis
  • Dynamic plan adaptation to production capacity
  • Prediction of resource requirements based on changes in demand over time
  • Automated balancing of factory loads based on time, availability, and efficiency of production processes