DELMIA Ortems 

DELMIA Ortems enables automated and dynamic manufacturing production planning and scheduling. The software empowers you to monitor the process flow in real-time and react to emergencies as soon as they happen, and efficiently manage your production capacity and raw materials inventory.

With DELMIA Ortems, you can quickly develop detailed production schedules and short, medium, and long-term production plans. This system synchronizes and optimizes production processes across multiple lines preventing you from missing deadlines. Managing lead times allows you to respond quickly to disruptions or issues and minimize machine downtimes, strengthening relationships with existing customers while making it easier to gain new ones.

Our software makes production scheduling accurate and hassle-free. With it, you will effectively manage your inventory and shorten the time it takes to develop a master production schedule in half. Production planning has never been this easy!


Increase your production efficiency with APS

The APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system is an extension and complements your existing ERP and MES solutions. It collects production data to create accurate manufacturing plans and schedules. That way, you’ll avoid errors when defining process plans and ordering raw materials or components necessary for completing your production orders.

Effective planning lowers costs and increases production efficiency. Your business will have the ability to produce more than ever before. You will realize complex projects that require maximum precision in planning the duration of technological processes. Using the same resources, you will unleash the higher production potential of your shop floor.


Planning and improving

production efficiency

Optimizing raw materials

inventory, components,

and projected inventory requirements

Ability to view data and manage

daily demand, available

production capacity, and stock

material at any BOM level

Ability to manage the production

process with regard to product

complexity and market dynamics

Multi-line optimization

and scheduling synchronization,

taking into account

production process constraints

Decision support analysis

and what-if simulations


Manufacturing Planner

Enables you to run load analysis and identify production bottlenecks to assess production capacity for medium- and long-term planning.

Production Scheduler

Takes into account machine, operator, and tool constraints to optimize the production plan, sequence of operations, and raw material inventory, allowing you to increase productivity and reduce changeover times.

Synchronized Requirements Planner

Synchronizes demand and production capacity for raw materials and just-in-time products across multi-level bills of material (BOMs).


Production efficiency optimization
and integration with external data sources

Visual Interface Configurator (VIC) allows DELMIA Ortems to integrate with external data sources such as files, databases, or other information systems. The tool enables easy integration with other systems without writing a single line of code.

Interfacing with ERP and MES systems, among others, is done using this module. In addition, the DELMIA Ortems system has a dedicated and certified adapter for integration with SAP.