DELMIA Ortems by Dassault Systèmes is an intuitive and innovative Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system that helps automate and optimize manufacturing plans by taking into account available resources and constraints.  The solution supports plant capacity forecasting and manufacturing operations synchronization to maximize plant efficiency and increases the ability to complete orders while meeting delivery deadlines. DELMIA Ortems can also be used for enterprise-wide planning. The APS system extends and complements existing ERP and MES solutions and can prepare an optimal production plan by analyzing current and upcoming production orders, production rates, and machine availability. It makes it possible not only to monitor production progress but also to react to real-time changes, and can improve company’s productivity and flexibility, reduce costs, and increase production efficiency.

Thanks to process automation, companies using an advanced approach to production scheduling can reduce the time required for manufacturing plan preparation by about 60% while gaining complete control over the planning and monitoring of work orders.  This helps manufacturers consistently maintain high customer satisfaction levels, even during periods of increased workload or unanticipated production disruptions.


The ability to plan and optimize plant capacity

Optimization of current material and component inventory levels as well as forecasted inventory requirements

Provision of data overview and management of daily net demand, available production capacity, and material inventory at any BOM level