Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Waste in ARMOR’s Thermal Transfer Ribbon Production with DELMIA

ARMOR, the world leader in thermal transfer ribbons, faced challenges in optimizing operational performance and controlling production flows in their Nantes plant. By implementing DELMIA Production Planning & Scheduling solution, the company experienced reduced human intervention, faster planning, sustained high customer service levels, efficiency gains, reduced product waste, and improved responsiveness.

SPEED GROUP Adapts to Changing Market with DELMIA Ortems Solutions

SPEED GROUP, a leading extruded synthetic monofilament manufacturer, faced challenges in adapting to changing customer buying habits and increased competition. By implementing Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems solutions, the company optimized its production and resource management to meet the demands of smaller, more frequent orders from its customers.

MONNAIE DE PARIS Leverages DELMIA Ortems for Enhanced Responsiveness and International Growth

Facing the challenges of dematerialization, contactless purchases, and the decreased usage of physical currency, the MONNAIE DE PARIS sought to strengthen its international presence to improve responsiveness in international tenders. To achieve this, the company chose DELMIA Ortems to streamline all its industrial processes, enhance production monitoring, and integrate procurement information into its ERP.

How LAVIGNE Streamlined Production and Improved Customer Satisfaction with DELMIA Ortems

LAVIGNE, a leading manufacturer of corporate wall calendars and promotional items in France, experienced significant challenges in managing peak production loads and meeting customer deadlines. LAVIGNE implemented the DELMIA Ortems solution to revamp their planning and scheduling strategy, leading to impressive results in production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Boosting Production Efficiency and Competitiveness at COMEZ INTERNATIONAL

COMEZ INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., a leading narrow fabric machinery company, faced challenges in meeting customer demands for high-quality products and timely delivery. By implementing Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems solution, COMEZ achieved improved production efficiency, reduced forecast errors, and increased competitiveness in the market.