Production Scheduler

Production Scheduler (PS) simplifies and accelerates short-term production scheduling, taking into account resource constraints. Production Scheduler is a critical component of the DELMIA Ortems solution..  . The PS module, based on uploaded data, builds an automatically optimized production schedule using efficient production scheduling algorithms (optimization engine).

Production Scheduler makes production scheduling fast and is open to flexible adjustment to the changing conditions of the production environment. Using our software, you can manually interfere with production scheduling and planning. You will easily modify every aspect of the schedule, and the software will take into account constraints related to, among other things, machine availability and utilization, employee skills and knowledge, the specifics of manufactured products, and internal logistics.


Key advantages of implementing Production Scheduler

  • Easy creation and optimization of short-term (days, hours) production plans
  • Flexible adjustment of the schedule resulting from changes in the production process
  • Effective management of production efficiency
  • Creation of schedules for individual products and operations
  • Instant optimization of the production schedule considering resource constraints